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A distinctive feature and an already integral element of the present-day business environment is the regular participation of companies in formalised and regulated procedures.

These may include:
  • Participation in arbitration and civil litigation;
  • Participation in bankruptcy proceedings, where the judicial process is extended to the procedures of interaction with creditors through meetings and committees, interaction with bankruptcy trustees and their bankruptcy offices;
  • Participation in a variety of tenders and bids for the allocation of construction contracts, sale of property, supply of equipment, obtaining rights to conduct certain actions;
  • Participation in procedures for obtaining permits;
  • Participation in investigative and judicial actions in criminal proceedings;
  • Participation in transactions for the alienation/acquisition of property complexes;
  • Participation in efforts to obtain specific rulings in large public corporations;
  • Participation in measures to reduce tax claims based on the results of field audits by the tax inspectorate;
  • Participation in the management of non-core assets.

This is by no means a complete list of procedures, which as a rule requires a considerable amount of time from company executives and employees away from the main operational process.

Horizon Capital has a profound competence in achieving specific goals when engaging with the listed practices and serves as an effective and reliable communicator on the client's behalf. Understanding the characteristics and cause-and-effect nature of the procedures helps the client as sess the full spectrum of opportunities offered and achieve success in meeting their objectives.

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